Guided Reading

LIT Learning

Words on pages become pathways to meaningful conversations and the stories you share shape the stories you live.

Move the Needle and Have Fun.

Our interactive reading program combines our favorite reads, independent study, personal reflection, and social learning. Using text-message prompts and live online sessions we’ll reinforce new skills and increase capacity for lasting change. 

Lead From The Front.

The industry leader of your choice is positioned front and center as the host, hand picking a critically acclaimed book of their choice from our expertly curated collection of educational texts. Hosts and their “lit learners” follow intentionally paced prompts to read alongside participants, and receive a private (optional) 30-minute advisory session to pre-game for comfort before each session. Your host’s active participation in an open, vulnerable, conversational is moderated by your professional facilitator, setting the tone and creating space for others to authentically engage.

Live Online Discussions.

The program for each book includes a series of three professionally facilitated 1-hr online educational discussions cultivate deeper meaning, relationships, and trust. Each session combines a 15-minute fireside chat with the hosting leader, guided large group exploration of key concepts, and peer-to-peer small group breakout discussions that bridge information to contextual application while fostering community connections.


Hosted by us on our platforms, includes auto-generated captions, recordings available for up to 30-days. Text to join/register (or text for info) is included in this service. Your selected title(s) will be drop shipped (print) or emailed (e-book and audio voucher) directly to each attendee based on their preferred format. Company or sponsor inserts available for additional fee. Attendee opt-in for mobile phone and SMS enables receipt of personalized text message prompts from the facilitator that drives continued engagement throughout the program.

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