Joe DeLoss is the founder and CEO of Hot Chicken Takeover, a restaurant chain that specializes in Nashville-style hot chicken. He started the business in 2014 with a food cart, and it has since grown to multiple locations in Ohio.

Joe's mission with Hot Chicken Takeover goes beyond just serving delicious food. He is committed to creating supportive employment opportunities for individuals who have been affected by incarceration, homelessness, or other barriers to employment. The company follows a "fair chance" hiring model, giving individuals a second chance at building meaningful careers.

Through his work with Hot Chicken Takeover, Joe aims to address social issues and promote positive change in the community. He believes in the power of a supportive work environment and the potential for individuals to overcome challenges and thrive.

In addition to his role at Hot Chicken Takeover, Joe is actively involved in various community initiatives and organizations. He serves on the board of directors for several nonprofits and is recognized for his efforts in social entrepreneurship.

Joe's dedication to both business and social impact has earned him recognition and awards, including being named a "40 Under 40" honoree by Columbus Business First and receiving the 2019 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year Award.

Overall, Joe DeLoss is a visionary entrepreneur who combines his passion for food with a commitment to creating opportunities and making a difference in the lives of others through his business ventures.

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