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As a complement to a keynote engagement, or as a stand-alone, our faculty-led "microlearning" journeys are designed with the neuroscience of behavior change at the forefront—reinforcement, spaced retrieval, application, performance support. From five lessons to fifty, it’s arguably the perfect method to minimize the forgetting curve, and maximize retention, application, and your return on investment.

Short-Form Content

Incorporating the latest emerging neuroscience concepts—reinforcement, spaced retrieval, application, performance support over days instead of minutes—our remote-friendly journeys leverage text-based delivery in a short-form style learners love.

Stand-Alone or Supplemental

Our microlearning journey works well as a stand-alone series (free or fee-based), but our favorite use case by far is complementing a motivational in-person or virtual event with spaced learning that is interactive, individualized, and accessible in the flow of life and work.

Text Message Engagement

With +90% read rate, nothing beats SMS for modern adult learners. Nothing except SMS combined with professional quality microlearning video lessons, that is! Learners enjoy real-time access to course facilitators for performance support in the flow of work.

Make Learning Stick

Given the 24-7 demands of “adulting”, is it really any wonder that learners have a hard time following through with commitments or new ideas from your one-off keynote or workshop? The intention is there, but the neuroscience of retention requires repetition and recall over a longer period of time. We hosts your course in our microlearning platform to offer you the cues, intervals, and engagement techniques that can make inclusive behavior change possible in spite of the natural forgetting curve that leaves the potential of most corporate learning unrealized.

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