Retreats and Offsites

Step back to move forward.

Flock retreating, we're advancing! Our Flockstar facilitators create safe space for association boards, committees, teams, and coalitions to connect with undivided attention and intention while building individual and organizational capacity.

End-To-End Design Excellence.

The most successful leaders are not simply adapting to a changed world; they are actively designing a better future for us all. Dedicated to unlocking new thinking and translating ideas into impact, our expertly crafted shared experiences, interactive learning modules, team-building activities and facilitated strategy sessions are contextualized through deep engagement with you and your team before, during, and after the “main” event.

Leadership Collaboration.

As we customize the agenda, your key organizational leaders fuel the discovery process with their collective expertise, expectations, and experiences. We use our time with senior leaders to tailor the experience to amplify your strategic priorities and your current or aspirational organizational values. We prepare you for what to expect while creating a fun, memorable, and engaging experience for the whole team. Each element and session of your retreat will speak directly to the needs of your team, with contextual examples and application-based exercises.

Participant Engagement.

A feeling of belonging is directly correlated to the overall level of engagement each participant will invest in the retreat and ultimately their part of doing the work. Through one-on-one conversational interviews we get to know each participant personally, building rapport in advance, creating safe space for critical conversations, and discerning opportunities or blockers. We use the information we learn during the discovery process to curate personalized welcome gifts and a personal note from leadership that sets the tone for our time together.

Continuous Alignment.

Our continuous alignment model extends the value of typical stand-alone retreats and supports an ongoing, sustained culture of learning that stimulates creativity, dedication, motivation, and interest year-round. Components include pre-assessment survey, one-on-one discovery interviews with each team-member, a post-retreat assessment, and a 3-month accountability Starter Pack with group coaching and a roadmap for actioning outcomes from the retreat.

Retreats for every occasion.

Retreats are a smart investment to help hit the mark and drive organizational impact. You’ll need a clear purpose and we’ll help you think critically to select a retreat type to help identify, communicate, and achieve yours.

  1. Upskilling
  2. Relationships
  3. Conflict
  4. Alignment
  5. Innovation
  6. Wellness
  7. Planning





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