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Jade Simmons, the Acclaimed Creator Of Mind Blowing Transformative Experiences & Genre-Bending Concert Adventures

by Hector Morgan  April 7, 2023 in Entertainment

Jade Simmons

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In the world of business, transformation, and motivation, one name stands out: Jade Simmons. As a critically-acclaimed creator of paradigm-shifting experiences and genre-defying concert adventures, Jade has built a successful brand that seamlessly blends and encompasses speaking, music, artistry, coaching, and mentoring. 

At Jade Media Global, Jade has successfully crafted a one-of-a-kind brand and diverse company with boundless energy and vision, dedicated to pushing purpose and creating impact.

From her beginnings as a classical concert pianist, Jade’s journey has been nothing short of extraordinary. Her addition of storytelling and blending of different genres and electronics to her performances earned her the title of “Classical Music’s #1 Maverick.” Moreso, Jade Simmons’ performance at the 2014 South by Southwest Festival was ultimately hailed as one of the “Best of SXSW 2014.” Today, she’s a sought-after keynote speaker and Yamaha artist who creates unforgettable concert experiences and offers transformational live encounters.

Despite facing challenges, Jade learned the importance of organic differentiation and applied her work ethic as a concert pianist to her speaking career. As a result, she has distinguished herself with her over-the-top customization, attention to detail, and ability to create transformation on the spot.

Jade Simmons

In her pursuit of transformation, Jade Simmons champions a unique approach to disruption, one that propels us beyond stagnant thought patterns and habitual behaviors that obstruct progress. Her philosophy aims to challenge conventional mindsets and assumptions that often hold people back, replacing them with fresh perspectives that allow individuals to achieve true breakthroughs. 

By fostering this type of disruption, Jade inspires people to step out of their comfort zones, embrace innovation, and unlock their full potential. In doing so, she is paving the way for a new era of growth and development, enabling business people, executives, and entrepreneurs to experience the power of transformative thinking and elevate their personal and professional lives to unprecedented heights. “My aim is to cause us to understand possibilities anew and to go for more than we previously thought capable,” she explains.

For Jade, success means walking in God’s will, knowing that she’s left the world better than it was when she woke up, and providing a tremendous impact on others. She encourages others to pursue true purpose, as it provides fulfillment even before all the goals are reached.

With plans for Jade Media Global to hold their own events, Jade’s new book, “Purpose The Remix,” aims to help over a billion people uncover their true purpose. Her innovative approach to transformation and her ability to captivate diverse audiences have earned her widespread recognition and acclaim in the world of personal and professional development. As she continues her work in transformation, she hopes to usher in a new era of purpose, opportunity, and possibility for all.

Connect with Jade Simmons and learn more about her brand, events, and offerings at,, and on Instagram at @officialjadesimmons.

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