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Meet Quinn Conyers


Alright – so today we’ve got the honor of introducing you to Quinn Conyers. We think you’ll enjoy our conversation, we’ve shared it below.

Q: Quinn, thanks for taking the time to share your stories with us today Often outsiders look at a successful business and think it became a success overnight. Even media and especially movies love to gloss over nitty, gritty details that went into that middle phase of your business – after you started but before you got to where you are today. In our experience, overnight success is usually the result of years of hard work laying the foundation for success, but unfortunately, it’s exactly this part of the story that most of the media ignores. Can you talk to us about your scaling up story – what are some of the nitty, gritty details folks should know about?

A: Scaling up my business actually required me to focus down and in one aspect of my speaking business and maximize it to my greatest capacity.

I have been full-time speaker and entrepreneur for 7 years and as a result of the Pandemic I was forced to do more virtual speaking and even started hosting “rooms” on the popular app Clubhouse.

After getting lots of great feedback on my hosting and moderating skills, I begin to get request to Emcee other events.

The problem was traditionally many event planners did not hire and pay professional Emcees and moderators. Often time they would reluctantly do it or worse have another person in their department unwillingly commit.

I received many mixed reviews on if I could make Emceeing a viable career option as a Speaker.

Ultimately I decided to commit and really dive into the role and become a unicorn in the industry despite some of the challenges I was having communicating the value of the role.

Once I locked in and became intentional and deliberate about marketing and promoting my Emcee services, alignment and acceleration “seemed” to happen over night.

Paid request to speak, emcee and host numerous diverse events began to occur and my business scaled. Its scaled and skyrocketed because I was laser focused on providing one superb service. I also narrowed my niche and sifted through the No’s and got to my Yes’. I also am really good at what I do, so the confidence to offer what I have to the world topped with passion allowed me to expand my brand.

Q: Awesome – so before we get into the rest of our questions, can you briefly introduce yourself to our readers.

A: I transform average events into EPIC experiences as an energetic Event Emcee and Compelling Keynote Speaker. Organizations, companies and association who are hosting 1 or multi-day events, conferences or conventions hire me to ensure the audience is activated and engaged from start to finish.

I introduce they keynote speakers, transition each part of the event with ease and excellence capture audience reactions during breaks as a rolling reporter.

I serve and support the event planner as their insurance policy in case the event goes from calm to chaotic. I also engage the audience while keeping the event upbeat and on time.

As a Keynote Speaker I train audience members how to leverage Luxury Language to be Effective Leaders and make their voice visible in the workplace.

When Im not speaking or emceeing I am training Black women in business how profit from public speaking so they can maximize and monetize ALL speaking opportunities on behalf of their business, book or brand.

Q: Have you ever had to pivot?

A: The pandemic open the doors for me to pivot into a deeper side of the professional speaking industry.

Before that I was mostly hosting workshops and and training business owners on how to use public speaking to grow their business.

After the pandemic I took an intentional pivot into the Emcee/Host/Moderator role.

It was super scary because the history of the industry proved that Emcees were not always compensated for their skills set the same as Keynote speakers.

Becoming a “unicorn” proved to be beneficial, profitable and fulfilling.

Q: We’d love to hear the story of how you built up your social media audience?

A: There are so many social media platforms business owners can use to start or scale their business. The game changer for me was Linked In. Its where the person who hires me hangs out.

I started posing about my events and documenting my day as I would host and emcee various events and 2 wonderful things happened.

My following grew and Emcee invites and requests son followed.

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