Jade Simmons is an acclaimed creator of mind-blowing transformational experiences. She began her career as a classical concert pianist and after an artistic epiphany, she shifted from playing the piano to impress audiences to using it as a means of providing inspiration, entertainment, and transformation that deeply moves them. The results have been nothing short of impressive.

This concert pianist turned world-changer is no stranger to pushing boundaries to achieve bold results. She has been sought after by corporations such as Barron’s, Mass Mutual, Royal Bank of Canada, DOW, Raytheon, the Hershey Company, Genentech, Valic, Pfizer, and Nationwide to redefine purpose, inspire seismic shifts in mindset, and activate audiences to live more impactful lives. Jade’s one-of-a-kind artistry has garnered diverse recognition from unlikely places. She has played renowned venues, including the White House and the US Supreme Court, and her genre-bending concerts that span Rachmaninoff to Rap attract diverse audiences of all ages and backgrounds. Essence magazine featured Jade alongside former First Lady Michelle Obama as part of their “Style & Substance List” for her work on and off the stage. As one of the rare classical artists invited to perform at the South by Southwest Festival, her show was ultimately branded one of the “Best of SXSW 2014.”

Jade has starred in a Broadway-style musical called Lillette’s Rhythm Club and can be heard portraying Nina Simone’s classical years in the Oscar-nominated documentary What Happened Miss Simone? In her unique career as a concert pianist and media host, Jade has remained dedicated to expanding the boundaries of classical music and its presentation. She is the acclaimed host of American Public Media’s hit podcast Decomposed, which has been featured on “Best Podcast” lists by Indie Wire, BBC America, Esquire, and Time Magazine.

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Jade offers transformative strategies to cultivate excellence, proactivity, innovation and productivity. With an emphasis on emboldening and revitalizing teams, this presentation is ideal for organizations looking for something other than run-of-the-mill leadership training.

Jade is leading the charge for diversification of the workplace with a powerfully positive approach that dares to steer clear of guilt and obligation in favor of curiosity and authentic connection. Perfect for organizations determined to be at the forefront of the diversity and inclusion movement.

For organizations looking to motivate their people to new heights personally and bigger results professionally, this presentation is designed to shift mindsets from “status quo hugger” to trailblazer. Leveraging improvisation, Jade will help your team redefine their purpose, dig deep for originality and bring their whole selves to every table, every time.

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